Although being from Tallinn and living close to Finland (well, haven’t actually lived close for the part 15 years), I haven’t visited Helsinki till last weekend.

It was also my first trip on a ferry so the first hour we spent on the deck outside enjoying the view, luckily the weather was great.

The journey from Tallinn to Helsinki takes 2-2.5 hrs, depending on the company you are travelling with.

The tram from the terminal takes 18 minutes to get to the city centre, but consider walking for 30 minutes in a good weather, this is what we did.

We did not have a strict plan of where to go, just had 2 places we wanted to visit.

Academic Bookstore (Akateeminen Kirjakauppa) was one of them. It has been designed by Alvar Aalto inĀ 1969 and is an inspiring place. Come here if you like books, stationary, architecture and design, or just have a cup of coffee in a cosy Aalto Cafe on the second floor.

Second place I wanted to visit was Oodi Library, which is so much more than your ordinary library. It is a place of activity and learning. You can use a 3D printer, sew a new t-shirt for yourself, play newest consoles in the games rooms, create your own music in the recording room.

planning my next trip to Helsinki already…

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