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Although being from Tallinn and living close to Finland (well, haven’t actually lived close for the part 15 years), I haven’t visited Helsinki till last weekend. It was also my first trip on a ferry so the first hour we


I have always dreamt of going to the sea after the long working day. This evening last week was exactly how I dreamt it to be. A warm summer evening, beautiful sunset and my energy levels are restored after just

Nature’s paintings, Tallinn

One evening in Tallinn, when the sea and the sky looked like painting.

A trip with North Dream Yacht, Tallinn

Having been away from the sea for so long has made me realise just how much I love and miss it. Being able to come to the sea after the working day and just listen to the waves makes you

Barbican walk, London

Barbican Estate is always my go-to place whenever I’m visiting London. I love coming here to have a wonder and enjoy the views. It is very peaceful here compared to the busy touristy places in London. Here are some more

The National Theatre, London

I love getting out to the capital and explore new things. This time I decided to go and explore the National Theatre building as never had a chance to do it before. You always pass it by and never really

Postcards from Tallinn, Estonia

Here are a few images I took on a walk by the sea in Tallinn, Estonia. Walking on my own in my hometown, watching the sun going down on this beautiful autumn day, a day before my birthday. I was

Kew Gardens, London

Another favourite place to visit in London is Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. This time I went there with two fellow photographers, who I know for years from Instagram, but we have never met before. Do meet people you know online,

Newborough beach, Wales

A few images from the short trip to Wales, visiting Snowdonia National Park and Anglesey. The highlight of the trip has been a day at the seaside. Always love being by the sea and Newborough beach is a beautiful place.